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ATECR 17th international and 21st national ELT conference 

Kdy? When?                9. září * 9th September 2022 *  15:00 – 19:15  

Kde? Where?              Online  

Kdo? Who?      Inspirující prezentující * Inspiring presenters              

Jak?  How? Přihlašte se již nyní * Apply now

Přihláška / Registration

        Nahrávky budou zaslány registrovaným  účastníkům/ Recordings will be sent to registered participants

Připojte se k aktivním kolegům, kteří trvale vyhledávají a využívají nejefektivnější přístupy pro podporu úspěšného zvládnutí angličtiny svých žáků 

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Conference Program

15:15 Conference Opening

15:15-16:05 Dunstan Clarke: Teaching English as a Lingua Franca

16:15-17:15 Petr Hedbávný, Lukáš Heřman, Tomáš Mach

17:30-18:15 Agnieszka Dzięcioł-Pędich, Zuzana Jurašíková

18:30-19:15 Joe Dale BYOD Educational podcasting for promoting oracy with Anchor

19:30 ATECR annual general meeting

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Dunstan Clarke: Teaching English as a Lingua Franca 

This session will look at the changes taking place in 21st Century English as it is spoken by non-natives around the world. It will first cover what we mean by English as a Lingua Franca (as opposed to global English, for example). It will go on to look at how we as teachers can adapt our teaching and our textbooks to take into account the way the language use and language users have changed in an online globalised world.


Joe Dale: BYOD Educational podcasting for promoting oracy with Anchor

You will find out how to

  • create a podcast episode collaboratively and in a moderated way
  • improve oracy skills, increase student confidence and enable students to learn how to organise
  • publish to a real audience, improve writing skills and have fun


Petr Hedbávný: Building language self-confidence with IMAGLEE multifunctional cards

During the session with Petr, a university lecturer and a co-author of IMAGLEE, you will sample activities which may help your students build up self-confidence, practise vocabulary at all levels of proficiency in an enjoyable way, and tell stories. You can also look forward to tips how to work with a heterogeneous group and how to strengthen motivation to study, both online and offline.


Lukáš Heřman: How to record student audio projects

Create a safe space where your students will feel free to start recording themselves. You will get simple tips for audio capturing right in the classroom. We will share ideas about how to systematically store audio recordings and more.


Tomáš Mach: Feels over reals? The “reálie” research revisited

The talk presents a summary of research on the concept of “reálie”. Not only does it investigate what the term means and how it is commonly understood and applied by Czech ELT practitioners, but it also aims to shed light on the usefulness and adequacy of that understanding and those applications. Various alternatives with respect to CEFR and the Czech maturita exam are offered. High school teachers are especially welcome to attend and share their views.


Zuzana Jurašíková:  Oxford Reading Club

 Reading brings fun and positive motivation into language learning.
Learners read about topics they enjoy and develop great attitude
towards English at the same time. But how to encourage your students
to simply read more? How can they read their way to better English?
Oxford University Press introduces Oxford Reading Club – a smart and
simple way to read digital graded readers. Join Zuzana’s talk and
learn about this brand-new digital library.

Radka Malá: Using Authentic Materials with Teens

Authentic material in ESL lessons for teenagers? Motivating, fun, meaningful! And… tricky. In this workshop, we’ll talk about how to choose and work with the right videos and vocabulary so that your students are hooked and take something away from the experience, using the new High Note and Focus 2nd edition series. Roll your sleeves up and get ready to try out some practical activities yourself!

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