• Any member of our association is welcome to become our official representative at events organized by our partners. ATECR covers the transport costs and the partner organization provides the accommodation and the conference fee. Mostly it means that you do not need to invest any of your own money in attending the event.
  • It is necessary to give a session (talk, workshop) at some events but not all. If you need to know, Ms Havlíčková, ATECR Vice-President, can provide the information. She is the only person who deals with representatives in our association. Any questions or suggestions concerning representation should be sent to her.
  • You are expected to write a report which is posted on our website and published in our newsletter once you get back from the event.
  • It is possible to represent at more than one event a year, in which case our association cannot cover the transport. It must be paid by you.

How to become an official representative of ATECR
1, Make sure the event you want to attend is really organized by our partner association. You can check the chart above.
2, Apply by sending an email to Ms Ilona Havlíčková, Vice-President (
3, Ms Havlíčková confirms/ denies your application. In case there are more people interested in the same event, the ATECR Board will make a decision based on the level of your active involvement in our association.
4, Once you get the confirmation, you are our official representative.
5, After the event, write a report to inform others about the conference and what you learnt etc., and send it to Ms Havlíčková and Christopher Koy, our newsletter editor (