Conference programme

March 25th, 2023

Registrace / Registration from 8:15

Výstavky nakladatelství / Exhibitions from 8:30

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9:00-10:15Plenary: Zoltán Rézműves: Roads to Success: Integrating Different Learning Goals
10:30-11:20Flo Feast: Tapping into Teen SpiritSylvie Doláková: Let ́s Play, Let’s Move!David Fisher: How to get students (and teachers) speaking clearlyPavlína Štefanová: Oxford Online Placement Test – fast and accurate placement testing
11:40-12:30Tery Lemanis: CLIL, Culture & 21st Century Skills in the EFL ClassroomCharles StewartMotivating Students to Write (A2-C1)Agnieszka Dzięcioł-Pędich: Principles and tools for preparing materials for students with specific learning differences (SpLDs)Tomáš Mach: For real? The reálie research revisited
12:30-13:30LunchDavid Fisher: A Show Full of Lies (The Bear Educational Theatre)
13:30-14:20Dunstan Clarke: Brain-dependant Learning and the EFL classroomTom Czaban: How can Czech students avoid making typical English mistakes?Tomáš Bednář: How to make and use the best vocabulary mindmapsRadka Malá: Think Visual, Think Wild, Think Gen Z
14:30-15:15László Németh: Speaking Your Students’ Language: The key to success?Jana Čadová: Grow your vocabulary and sound smarter!Anica Đokić: The Whole World Is a ClassroomPetr Hedbávný, Hana Dědková: Activities for (false) beginners with IMAGLEE cards
Charles Stewart: How to expand your vocabulary ‘Bag of Tricks’


Conference closing
Changes in the programme may occur

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