ATECR is a non-profit organisation of English language teaching professionals. 


  • improving the quality of English teaching in Czech schools
  • raising the professional level of the members themselves both in teaching and language
  • enabling teachers to express freely their views in relation to the teaching of English and protect their interests against interference from higher authorities
  • preserving the right to participate in discussion and decisions with reference to the teaching of English through our associations representatives
  • ensuring that the association provides a real forum for the exchange of views and opinions with regard to the teaching of English
  • offering professional cooperation with TV and radio in the design and production of teaching programmes for schools at both teacher and pupil level
  • cooperating with the British Council and the United States Embassy as well as other foreign institutions
  • promoting exchange visits, working parties and study exchanges between Czech teachers of English and teachers of English from other countries
  • helping in the re-integrating of the Czech Republic into Europe, to which by tradition and culture it has always belonged, through the medium of English language so that the traditions and aims of the country may be better understood by all
  • ensuring, through the use of English, closer cooperation with the rest of the world and an increase in greater international understanding
  • joining international teachers’ organisations and becoming part of international professional networks
  • supporting members’ participation in international conferences and professional meetings